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thanks for taking the time to hear me out! if you have any more questions I love to hear them :)

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Hermes Handbags Replica Here is my best attempt to communicate the meaning of the endowment, adapted from a previous comment. It is essentially an outline of what I would teach in a temple preparation course. The scripture references below are the most important part: Hermes Handbags Replica

Hermes Bags Replica I recommend keeping in mind that the temple ceremony is a ritual. It is like aaa replica birkin bag a rehearsal for something you are supposed to do in reality. Hermes Bags Replica

You will encounter actors playing angels, the Son, and the Father. You will be clothed in fabric clothing representing glory and fellowship (priesthood) with heaven. You will be taught ritual knowledge and demonstrate that you hold it sacred and with integrity. You will make ritual covenants and be given ritual rewards for keeping them. Eventually, you will be presented at a fabric veil and, receive ritual promises of salvation and priesthood, and pass through into a room representing the celestial kingdom (I not revealing anything about the ceremony that isn already published by the Church, here). All of these things, which constitute the entire “endowment” you can receive from the Church, are simply ritual.

You will then walk out of the temple, and have to seek the real things that the temple represented in ritual: There are real angels who you must commune with to be redeemed (Moroni 7:37 38). There are real mysteries you must learn by revelation to be saved (Alma 12:10). There is actual glory that you must be clothed with to commune with heaven (Moses 7:3). There is true priesthood that you can only Continue receive by actual contact with heaven (JST genesis 14:26 29, DC 84: 38 40, D 124:95). There is a real Son whose presence you are commanded to seek, and who promises that he will come to you in this life and save you (DC 101:38, DC 93:1, DC 88:67 68, 2 Nephi 32:6). He, Christ, is the veil of the temple, who we approach first to receive the promise of this article salvation, and then to pass through him to the Father (Hebrews 10:20). There is a real Father in Heaven from whom you need to receive the actual covenant of eternal life personally, in his presence (DC 84:47 48, John 14:23, DC 130:3). These things constitute your true endowment, because when you have received them you are truly endowed with power from God (JST Genesis 14:30 31 ).

These are experiences that you, as a member of the Church, a person with access to the scriptures, a person with access to instructive temple ordinances, can and should have in this life (Moses 5:9 10).

Passing through a fabric veil into a temple worker presence in the temple doesn save you. Passing through the real veil into God presence does Evelyne III replica hermes save you, because there is no other way to know him and learn what he has to teach you (DC 76:113 118).

Keep in mind that Adam and Eve ascent to the presence of God, depicted by the endowment ceremony, occurred in this life (Moses 5:9 11; D 107:54). It is not a post mortal journey through the kingdoms of glory. It is a journey you are supposed to take right now. God invited Adam and Eve to hermes belt replica be redeemed, meaning to see him again “in the flesh”. They did so. You are to think of yourself as Adam or Eve.

I agree with David O. McKay, who said: “There are few, even temple workers, who comprehend the full meaning and power of the temple endowment. Seen for what it is, it is the step by step ascent into the Eternal presence.”

Don get confused and think there is saving power in the ritual alone. That has been the mistake of religious people from the beginning of time. It happened to the Israelites after Moses. It happened to King Noah people, and it is an epidemic among hbags hermes Latter day Saints since Joseph Smith. As Abinadi said to hbags reviews King Noah priests, it is the redemption of God that saves, not the performance of rituals (Mosiah 13:32). The “redemption of God” means being hermes replica 2424 bag brought back into his presence (Ether 3:13 14). Just because most people who are offered these things (endowed members of the Church) fall short of receiving them, doesn mean they aren absolutely essential to your salvation (DC 121:34 46).

Hermes Belt Replica That is the salvation that the scriptures teach. That is the salvation that God taught through Joseph Smith. That is the salvation that the temple depicts ritually. See the ritual as an invitation to walk out of the temple and receive the real thing Hermes Belt Replica.